In this week’s Training Café, learn how to get more out of your training, reduce injury risk, and climb harder by incorporating an occasional deload week.


00:30 – Reporting to you from Rifle, CO
1:05 – Let’s commune with a sip of coffee!
2:15 ​– Shoutout to Sean Bailey for his gold medal, and Colin Duffey for his first podium. Also, congrats to Natalia Grossman on her bronze medal in lead!
3:45​​​ – What benefits a deload week will bring to your training and progression. Does not apply to recreational climbers as much.
5:05 – Diminishing returns after several weeks of hard training
7:00​​ – Notice how your body feels and get a sense of fatigue. Perhaps create a benchmark workout to test your body’s condition.
10:00 ​– When to take a deload week is highly personalized and depends on your body’s current state ​
11:45 – A deload week can range from a few days to over a week, depending on your age, condition, and climbing goals.
14:30 – Schedule your climbing and training to fit the intensity of your “on” days
15:00 – Deload days can include light loading or other mild activity – but don’t overdo it!
16:00 – Good nutrition can jumpstart recovery of connective tissues and your muscles
17:00​​ – In summary: deload periods are a week off from high-level training or climbing, but not necessarily complete rest
19:50 ​– Now, time for your questions!

********YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!**********

20:30​​​ – Do you know the “smart hangboard” climbro?
24:50 – I’m injured and cannot climb for a few months. When it comes to finger training, should I just train max hangs for the months or switch between max hangs and repeaters?
33:30​​​ –  How do I activate my power more quickly? It usually takes me a few burns.
37:30 – Cutting it short but looking forward to the next training café!


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