Training Café #43 – The Important of “Deload” Weeks in Climbing and Training

In this week’s Training Café, learn how to get more out of your training, reduce injury risk, and climb harder by incorporating an occasional deload week.


00:30 – Reporting to you from Rifle, CO
1:05 – Let’s commune with a sip of coffee!
2:15 ​– Shoutout to Sean Bailey for his gold medal, and Colin Duffey for his first podium. Also, congrats to Natalia Grossman on her bronze medal in lead!
3:45​​​ – What benefits a deload week will bring to your training and progression. Does not apply to recreational climbers as much.
5:05 – Diminishing returns after several weeks of hard training
7:00​​ – Notice how your body feels and get a sense of fatigue. Perhaps create a benchmark workout to test your body’s condition.
10:00 ​– When to take a deload week is highly personalized and depends on your body’s current state ​
11:45 – A deload week can range from a few days to over a week, depending on your age, condition, and climbing goals.
14:30 – Schedule your climbing and training to fit the intensity of your “on” days
15:00 – Deload days can include light loading or other mild activity – but don’t overdo it!
16:00 – Good nutrition can jumpstart recovery of connective tissues and your muscles
17:00​​ – In summary: deload periods are a week off from high-level training or climbing, but not necessarily complete rest
19:50 ​– Now, time for your questions!

********YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!**********

20:30​​​ – Do you know the “smart hangboard” climbro?
24:50 – I’m injured and cannot climb for a few months. When it comes to finger training, should I just train max hangs for the months or switch between max hangs and repeaters?
33:30​​​ –  How do I activate my power more quickly? It usually takes me a few burns.
37:30 – Cutting it short but looking forward to the next training café!


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