Skin splits can make or break your session or even an entire climbing trip. Learn how pro climber Jonathan Siegrist stays on top of his skincare routine and repairs his splits.

In this video “J-Star” covers his skincare essentials as well as his step-by-step process for repairing a split. So if you struggle with skin issues and think you’ve tried everything, watch this video for some pro-tips on taking care of splits.


1:30 – Skin kit essentials
2:52 – Step 1: Wash your hands!
3:00 – Gently clean the wound
3:15 – Tape skin as lengthened as possible
4:30 – Grab your clothes pin and tape; time to splint your finger.
5:20 – Don’t cover actual split when splinting
6:15 – Make sure you can’t bend area of split!
6:45 – Grab your skin balm and apply a good amount to the split
8:15 – Apply Band-Aid loosely allowing for airflow
9:15 – Healing the skin in lengthened state helps prevent future splits!


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