Learn two excellent exercises for developing stronger core muscles for harder bouldering and sport climbing.

In this short video, Cameron Hörst demonstrates two core exercises that will make a huge difference in your climbing. Develop incredible core stiffness needed for steep climbing on small hand and foot holds with Reverse Flies and Roll-outs. You’ll need a pair of rings or a suspension trainer.

Do these two or three days a week as part of a more comprehensive core training program. These climbing-specific core exercises will help take your climbing to the next level in the months and years to come!

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Key Takeaways:

00:30 – Forcefully connect hands and feet via core tension
00:55 – #1: Inverted pec flies
1:50 – Place a free weight on your back for more of a challenge!
2:00 – #2: Ring extension or “roll-out”.
3:25 – Other beneficial core exercises including, front levers, windshield wipers, deadlifts, and planks.

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